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The Roofing Process

The Planning Process:
Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results.

~After contacting us for a free estimate, we will talk to you about your concerns, visit your project, inspect your roof, take measurements and determine what needs to be done.
~We will then write up a proposal stating what you will get for what price. You will then receive you written proposal by mail, fax or email to look over on you own.
~Once a proposal is agreed upon, signed and a down payment is received, we will order materials and schedule a start date. The start date is based on your schedule, our schedule and most of all the weather.


The Roofing Process:
After preparing and scheduling a job, the project varies depending on the type of job. The following are the different steps that may be performed on your jobsite.
Tearoff - This is the removal of the existing roof. We will remove the roof and use either a dump truck or dumpster to dispose of the old roof. We are careful to make sure that all of your landscaping is protected. An underlayment will be installed as soon as the existing roof is removed. This process is highly dependent on the weather.
~Rooftop delivery - In most cases the roofing materials are delivered directly to your roof. If your house is not accessable for a delivery truck, your roof is exceptionally steep or you are having a metal roof installed, we will discuss with you where the best place for the materials will be.
~Roof installation - This process includes installing the roofing materials chosen by you. We install composition, metal, tile and shake roofs. This process also includes installing ridge, trim, venting systems, any metals needed such as valley metal, roof to wall, gable, starter and drip edge metals.
~Cleanup - We will pick up and haul away any roofing debris from the jobsite. We will also use a magnetic roller on the grounds around your house to remove any nails.
~When the job is complete and you are satisfied, we will collect the final payment and give you any final paperwork or warranties included with you new roof.

Tearing Off Existing Roof

Repairing  Damaged Sheathing

Installing an Underlayment

Rooftop Delivery

Roof Installation
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